What's happened over the past couple of years?

What's happened over the past couple of years?
Come and find out about our life-changing work!
Update April 2018: It's been a while my friends - and such a lot has happened since I was last active here!

When it finally dawned on me that I had been systematically abused - and not just by one person - my whole world collapsed around me.

You see, I had always believed myself to be a strong person. Capable. Successful and somewhat sassy to boot. A fighter. Someone who could overcome any challenge, as I'd proven to myself since early childhood, time and time again. So the knockout thud of recognition that I had been a 'victim' hit me with the full force of a steam train, tsunami and earthquake rolled into one.

"How could that have happened to me? How did I let it happen? Why didn't I notice it? Why didn't I stop it, or at least speak out?"
...and then came an all engulfing darkness of shame. And then the deafening silence.

It took me years to come out of that place. Years of hard work, self reflection and excruciating pain.

Which was how, ultimately, Light Up was finally born.

Now this work is being experienced and shared by many - and is growing in numbers and momentum. And I am grateful.

Grateful not only for my own experiences, also for the fact that Light Up gives people the tools to escape from their shame and pain in far less time than it took me!

We are already working with trafficked women, abused children and traumatised adults, successfully guiding them back to completeness (without having to relive their horrors) in as little as two sessions.

People are waking up and finding their voices. I am a firm supporter of the #metoo movement, and every other group that sheds light on and offers a platform for people to speak out and seek a complete way of living.

Yes, there is darkness in this world. Yes, there is much that has been hidden away. And yes, now people are speaking out. Thank goodness for those voices! The quiet ones. The angry ones. The sad ones. The loud ones. All have their place. All have their unique message to share. All are warriors.

I am honoured to be in service, and to play my part in reigniting this beautiful world of ours. We are coming together now. We are gathering force. And I am glad.

Fellow warriors, I salute you. I commit to continuing to stand in this arena alongside all my brothers and sisters who know there is a better way and a brighter future.

Come and find out more www.dnalightup.net

In continued love, recognition and gratitude

Mel xxx

Sunday, 21 June 2009

Who's Calling?

Hmmm... ever get those days when a series of 'ah-ha' moments just seem to keep on coming? Not necessarily the earth-shattering OMG type experiences, just the small comforting whispers of confirmation...? Well, I just received an automated email (out of the blue) inviting me to re-examine old or raw relationships, and the old adage about forgiveness, with the guidance that I can become free:

"When you can acknowledge the relationship from the perspective of being 100% responsible for having created it, if even by just being able to locate exactly when, where and how you gave your power away"

Interestingly, yesterday and Friday afternoon were surprisingly tough for me. Old stuff kept coming up (along with new discoveries of his activities) and I allowed myself to feel hurt, tired, confused and all those other emotions that have been my regular house guests over the past few weeks. 

Saturday morning, an innocuous email gave me details of an online car club of which he is a member, where he'd described himself in his profile (beginning of January this year) as being, along with other things, single and solvent (neither of which were true). This reconfirmation of his duplicity for some reason sent me in to a bit of a tail spin - inviting the self-torture questions to resurface, cackling and circling like old crones "How could he do this to me - to us? What did I do to deserve this? Where did I go wrong? If he wanted out why couldn't he simply say so? Why has he been so cruel?" 

All of these, I know, are gremlins to the sane and focused mind, but I, like anyone else, can also be caught up in the wind tunnel of negativity - and the pull can be very strong indeed. Particularly, I've found, when I'm caught unawares. 

So there I was, fighting with witches and craning my head towards the light, pulling against the g-force strength of the whirling tunnel and the jaws of despair. 

Matt, my dearest friend and 'guru' reminded me gently that it's not about me, it's about him - and allowed me to shed my tears. This threw me a life-rope to catch my thoughts and lovingly bring me back up to the surface.

And I thought. And I thought. And I thought. 

I knew it wasn't 'about me', and at the same time I also on a soul level that in fact it was. So I pondered, and decided to leave my mind to work it through, as I got on with normal daily life. Trusting that an answer would come.

Then along came the automated email today. Like yesterday's email, it seemed innocuous. I read it through with only a small level of interest, and even read through the phrase I highlighted at the beginning of this post. And all of a sudden I felt just the tiniest of 'ah-has' that suddenly meant I could get clear - because I KNEW when it was I gave up my own power - I can even remember the place, the time, the setting and the conversation. 

It was right in the beginning of our relationship and I'd said to him that, if ever he found anyone better than me he was to go (genuinely thinking I was being strong, unconditionally loving and magnanimous - doh! There's hippy strong, and then there's hippy dippy - and that, in hindsight, was excruciatingly dippy). His response was a sneer, together with the words "Well, if you can say something like that, then you obviously don't love me as much as I love you". 

I felt a huge punch in the stomach at the time, like a huge hollow thud - but rather than take that as any message from my higher self that I didn't need to put myself down, I decided and committed there and then to convince him that I loved him more than anything in the world. And from that moment on I gave up my power.

And through that realisation, today, I am indeed more free than ever before. And, as in my previous posts, I am indeed now calling in my spirit.

I gain a huge amount of strength from the knowledge that, even in the face of having given away so much of my power, over the past decade I have still been able to work with and help hundreds of people to improve their lives. And now, calling in my spirit and reclaiming my power, well, I'm inspired with the idea and potential of what I can now achieve through my work.

The automated email finishes with this phrase: "When it comes to creating more love in our lives, we stand ready, like Samuria Warriors, to release all that is not love from our hearts"

Well here I stand, in honour and in love, one strong, powerful and inspired Samurai Warrior - bring it on!

(The email, by the way, was generated by www.CallingInTheOne.com - check them out, they're the real deal!)

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